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Don’t restrict your process of spending and saving. Euro Loans Ireland, an online direct lender, allows you to continue your cash flow by offering fully customised unsecured personal loan offers on acceptable terms. We have a vast presence at almost every city of Ireland, especially, Dublin, Cork, Limerick, Galway and Drogheda. Anyone with any credit history can approach us and achieve an early peace of mind. By bringing the ‘unique but useful’ funding options like unsecured personal loans for bad credit with no guarantor, we have made people familiar with all the ‘A-B-C-D’ of modern lending approach.

Are you also curious to know? Here it is:

A = Accountability (we own the responsibility of serving the borrowers’ financial purposes in the best way).

B = Bespoke Loan Offers (Our each loan deal comprises bespoke lending features including competitive APRs and flexible repayments).

C = Customer-Friendly Approach (We do not discriminate between borrowers in terms of their credit histories or income status, as everyone is equal here).

D = Decision-making Process (Your early financial solution is our goal and thus we take quick decision on your loan application and so does the quick fund disbursal).

These are our working principles too that make us listed among the top unsecured personal loan lenders in Ireland.

Euro Loans Ireland

Euro Loans Ireland

A PERFECT Lending Hub to ASPIRE and ACHIEVE...

We represent an online lending place where the lending opportunities are parallel for all the individuals. Our primary goal is not only to achieve big in Irish loan market but also to win the hearts of the citizens here. Thus, whenever they feel insecure to their finances, they can utilise our financial backing that comes with unsecured personal loan for poor credit people.

It is enough to explain our dedication towards helping those persons, who have lost the grip over their credit scores. Not only the individuals, but also businesses with bad credit ratings can secure funds to their profit without putting anything in the name of collateral.

Our loan products here are comprehensive and compact; each of them can be applied through a simple online procedure.

Meet our certain standards:

  • Impartial Lending Approach
  • Accurate Fund Disbursal
  • Freedom to agree (or disagree) to loan terms

In a short span of time, a number of borrowers have already appreciated our service (that you can see at testimonials) and they have reckoned us as one of the top online lenders providing unsecured personal loans for bad credit on instant decision.

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Lending On the Go!

APPLY for loans by sitting at your living room, office or any other place of your comfort. We present an easy online access to our borrowers so that they can enjoy the convenience of unsecured personal loans. Just open up your laptop or switch on your smart phone and submit your application for the desired loan. The process hardly takes maximum 10 minutes to complete. You believe or not! We do approve loan applications on guaranteed and instant basis, followed by same day loan disbursal to your bank account. HURRY UP and throw a challenge to your financial trouble.

Need Reasons to Choose Us? Here they’re

Personal Holiday Funding

Drown to your holiday celebration, we’ll take care of all the expenses.

Don’t Worry of No Guarantor

Approach us not your friends or colleagues to become your co-signer.

Study with No Hassle

We promise no financial hassle come in your way, we’ll fund your education.

Bad Credit? You’re Not so Bad

Yes, take our words! Continue to borrow funds, no matter what your credit score is.

Not just home? Live at Dream Home

Our easy-to-process home improvement funding backs you to beautify your home.

Want own business? You can do it!

We personally deal for your professional career, just attain our business loan deals.

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Customers’ Words Encourage Us

We appreciate if you share our experience with us. Meanwhile, look at what others’ said about us:

Not just two or three, I searched total eight direct lenders online and compared their APRs on the bad credit loans. After in-depth analysis, I chose Euro Loans Ireland and thank God, it proved the right decision for me. They are so quick to their response to borrowers’ queries and the best part is same day approval. Thanks a lot...

- James David
Craigavon City, Ireland

I think Euro Loans Ireland is worth to be considered direct lender, at least for one time. I applied home improvement loans from them and now want to share with all of you that their loans certainly have the borrower-friendly norms that can suit to everyone. The whole online procedure also helped me a lot. So overall a good experience with Euro Loans.

- Adam Daniel
Dublin City, Ireland

The financial help that I got from Euro Loans Ireland was truly a good luck for me. I would certainly like to thank my friend, Ms. Murray who made me familiar with this direct lender. It was due to their quick service that I got the opportunity to pay my university fees. Education loans that they provide are indeed very beneficial for any needy student. Good work.

- Jake Thomas
Cork City, Ireland